Providing and Removing Liquidity for Shared and Custom Pools

*subject to change as UI changes*

Adding Liquidity to Shared Pools

Adding liquidity to Shared Pools is a passive way to earn yield as you earn 1% of each trade that routes through the liquidity pool you have ownership in.

In order to add liquidity to a collection, navigate to the "Manage Liquidity" page. Toggle "Standard" if you would like to buy whole NFTs or "Fractional" for a non-integer amount of fractional NFTs. Note you will need to sign a approval transaction for each NFT collection before you can buy or sell from that collection. Once you have made a successful deposit your liquidity positions will show up on the "Manage Liquidity" page. You will be minted an NFT_COLLECTION_NAME:ETH ERC-20 LP token that represents the share of the pool that you own.

One-click Deposit for Whole NFTs Select the collection, rarity, and amount of NFTs you would like to add to your pool then click "Deposit".

One Click Deposit for Fractional NFTs Select the collection, rarity, and amount of fractional NFTs you would like to add to your pool then click "Deposit".

Custom Pool Creation and Deposit

Custom Pools are advanced pools that require more active management with the advantages of increased capital efficiency and higher fees within a specific range. Select the Customizable Parameters:

  • Custom Fee Rate

    • Fee you will receive for each trade that routes through your pool.

  • Filter for Stolen NFTs

    • Filter out NFTs that have been stolen.

  • Enforcing Royalties

    • Enforce trades going through this pool to pay royalties or not to the NFT creators.

  • Current Price (ETH)

    • Price in ETH you would like to set for the NFTs to be bought or sold in your pool. Ideally this should be as close to the market price as possible.

  • Price Range of Pool

    • Define your minimum and maximum ranges that your NFTs can be bought or sold at. If the price of the NFTs move outside of your range, you earn no fees and if the price of the NFTs is inside your range you earn fees.

Click create pool and your Custom pool has been created. Your representative ownership of each custom pool will be represented by a NFT. Updating Custom Pool Parameters If you would like to update your Custom Pool parameters after you have created your pool, navigate to your active liquidity pool positions. Make the changes to your Custom Pool parameters, then click "Save and update settings".

Removing Liquidity

Navigate to the "Manage Liquidity" page and click on the liquidity position you would like to withdraw. You may only remove liquidity if you hold enough of the corresponding LP tokens. If you select too many NFTs, you will be notified that you have an insufficient LP token balance and you should select less NFTs.

Withdraw Whole Shared Pool

Click "Remove Liquidity" then select the rarity, amount of NFTs, and click "Withdraw".

Withdraw Fractional Shared Pool

Click "Remove Liquidity" then select the rarity, amount of fractional NFTs, and click "Withdraw".

Withdraw Custom Pool Select the amount of ETH, as well as which NFTs to withdraw, then click "Remove liquidity".

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