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Providing and Removing Liquidity for Pure-NFT Pools

*subject to change as UI changes*
Note: you will need to sign an approval transaction for each NFT collection before you can add liquidity. Pure-NFT pools allow for users who only want to provide NFTs as iquidity to earn a small fee for each user who changes NFTs from the same collection with their pool. Navigate to the "Manage Liquidity" page and click "Create Now".

Adding Liquidity to Pure-NFT Pools

Select the collection you would like to add liquidity to for a Pure-NFT Pool. Select the custom fee in ETH terms you would like to collect for each change of NFTs that occurs through your pool. Select whether or not you would like to prevent stolen NFTs from being changed into your pool. Select which NFTs you would like to deposit that other users can then exchange for. Click "Create pool".

Making Changes and Claiming Fees for a existing Pure-NFT Pool

Navigate to the "Manage Liquidity" page. Click the Pure NFT pool you would like to modify.
Change your settings for fees, filtering stolen NFTs, and add a NFT if you would like. Click "Add NFTs".
If you would also like to claim the fees that have been generated by your Pure-NFT pool, simply click "Claim fees".

Removing Liquidity from a Pure-NFT Pool

Navigate to the "Manage Liquidity" page. Click the Pure NFT pool.
Click "Remove NFTs" then select which NFTs you would like to withdraw.