Creating a New Shared Pool

*subject to change as UI changes*

The creation of a new Shared liquidity pool is completely permissionless. Any user can create a liquidity pool for a new collection. Navigate to the "Manage Liquidity" page. Enter the desired NFT collection’s smart contract address into the search bar then click One-click deposit.

Select the rarity and then click "Create pool". The V3CoolNFT collection has now been added but there are currently no NFTs or ETH in this pool so no trades can occur yet.

After the pair is created, you will be able to enter in a custom price since you are the pool creator. For example, if the current market price of V3CoolNFT is 1 ETH, you would enter 1 ETH. Select the rarity, custom price, NFTs to deposit, and then click "deposit". Note: you will need to sign an approval transaction for the NFT collection if you haven't approved the use of the contract previously.

Now the V3CoolNFT pool has initial liquidity in NFTs and ETH. Trading can now occur within this liquidity pool.

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