We have partnered with several projects across the ecosystem to leverage expertise, collaborate on research, and expand the NFT market as a whole.

The following is a list of our current partners: Reservoir We have integrated with Reservoir to aggregate NFT liquidity from Caviar. Developers can now fetch liquidity provided from Caviar and execute those orders on platforms that are integrated with Reservoir. TempleDAO TempleDAO has deposited NFTs from a variety of collections which will be paired with ETH in both Caviar's shared and custom Pools. Baton We are working with Baton to ensure deeper liquidity provisioning through NFT yield farms for new and existing NFT collections into Caviar pools.

We are working with Nftperp to spin up pricing oracles for Rare Caviar NFT pools that can be traded as perpetuals on their platform.

Protecc will be working closely with us to help shape Caviar's UX and protocol liquidity provisioning, as well as some longer term ideas.

We work together with Insrt to facilitate deep liquidity for Insrt Shards on Caviar, as well as explore ways that Insrt vaults can interact with Caviar.

Pricing providers (NFTBank, Spicyest, Upshot, Nabu)

We utilize price estimates from various pricing providers as part of Caviar's desirability classifier. We collaborate with these pricing providers to design more efficient NFT pricing frameworks.

We work with FloorDAO to ensure efficient liquidity provisioning for respective floor and non-floor pools.

We work closely with the Honey Jar team to ensure Caviar has the most liquidity for Honey Jar collections out of any marketplace.

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